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Are you looking to bring your games or software to users from other countries? Or perhaps you’ve found a great new title from a foreign market that you want to introduce to your home audience? What should you do next? A half-baked translation that lacks cultural awareness will cause even a stunning project to make a terrible first impression on its users. We only work with highly experienced native speakers, who will adapt your project to make it accessible and engaging for the user base in your target countries.

How we work

Native speakers
Our translators are native speakers with over 5 years of experience in the games industry
Business services
Our fee includes a glossary and several types of key business services
We use the memoQ translation platform for every project
Our fee includes a dedicated project manager
Parallel Translation
We translate your project into all your target languages simultaneously
We are highly selective about how we choose our translators, putting them through a two-step review process


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What are they, and why are they necessary? In most fields, a glossary is a dictionary of highly specialized terms. Each entry includes a gloss, comments, examples, and sometimes a translation into another language. This definition is generally applicable here, but in video game translation the glossary serves a more specific purpose and includes things...

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