Are you looking to bring your games or software to users from other countries? Or perhaps you’ve found a great new title from a foreign market that you want to present to your own country’s consumer base? How should you proceed? A half-baked translation, lacking awareness of the unique features of the target audience’s culture, will make even the most pristine project leave its users with a terrible first impression. Our specialists are native speakers of the target languages for your localization project. They adapt your project—making it accessible, understandable, and attractive to the user base in each target country.
You've probably seen instances where text runs outside of its interface's boundaries or even overlaps other elements. And you no doubt realize how annoying it can be when glaring spelling or punctuation errors appear on important application screens! Localization testing fixes these errors and oversights, making users feel like the game was created in their own language, not translated from a foreign one.
We create video game music and sound effects with:
- any sound/music style
- reasonable pricing
- installment payment plans available

We love providing additional services! Upon request, we will perform voice-over work for your applications, games, and video clips, using the best specialists from the countries your application is being localized for.
Do you have a product that’s ready to go, localized by an off-site translation agency, but you’re still not confident about the quality of the localization? We can help! Our specialists will give an honest, expert evaluation of the localization work you’ve received. And if the localization could be improved, we can take care of that, too!

We offer two FREE services

So that you can experience the quality of our work for yourself, we offer a free "test drive" localization and a free evaluation of an existing localization.

We localized


Our work process

Localization workers are native speakers with more than 5 years of experience in the game industry
Projects include a glossary and other key business services
Each project is completed using the MemoQ Server translation memory program
Each team member is carefully selected and tested by our project managers
We accept projects of any size, even a single word
Our pricing includes all project management costs
We simultaneously produce parallel translations into all target languages