High-quality translation, artistic voiceover, and meticulous testing


INLINGO is always on the move. Our team attends professional gaming conferences every year and we are always ready to meet with you at any of them— we'll have an informative case study for you on how to make our game more profitable.

<p>White Nights Saint Petersburg, June 19-20</p>

White Nights Saint Petersburg, June 19-20



We are ready to rise to any challenge, and will gladly provide voiceover for apps, games, and videos, bringing in top specialists to work on your project.


Our native-speaking specialists will completely adapt your product: we guarantee that audiences in any country will find it accessible, clear, and enticing.


Linguistic Quality Assurance is aimed at correcting errors and inadequacies. It helps give users the feeling that your game was created in their native language, and not just translated.


Over the past 7 years, we've localized more than 700 games


More than 130 repeat clients


“As an international mobile games’ publisher, we need quality localization tailored to gamers on tight schedules with a dash of unscheduled extra work. And the fine people at Inlingo managed to surpass our expectations, quality work with attention to detail delivered on time! A pleasure to work with, thanks Inlingo!”

Babil Games

Strike of Nations

“The quality of feedback and communication with managers was awesome. I had no idea that this level of project efficiency was even possible with localization. We definitely want to continue working together. The PMs really familiarize themselves with game mechanics so that they can give the translators straightforward information, they’re on call 24/7, and they show a fantastic level of responsibility.”

Sergei D


GD Company

“We are working on several small- and medium-volume projects with INLINGO, and we are very satisfied with our partnership. The high quality of their translations leaves us with no doubt as to their high level of professionalism. Additionally, they always meet our deadlines, and never shirk away from even the smallest volume of work—a particularly noteworthy quality.”

Anton Zakitny

Rivas Games

"I like the way Inlingo is involved in making the best translations for Hungry Cat Picross, it's our core game at Tuesday Quest so it's really important to us. I like too that we have established a flexible translation process for our weekly added levels, which is great to keep the game fully translated at any time. Communication is fast, simple and great."

Tuesday Quest

Hungry Cat Picross 

“Our experience working with INLINGO has been a completely positive one. The team is always on time — we receive both voiceover and feedback from managers quickly. We will definitely trust you guys with our future projects.”

Alexandra Khubetsova

Panoramik Inc.

“Our cooperation was very enjoyable. Our team was pleased with the work done by INLINGO team.”

Eva 矫慧

Localization project manager 

Oasis Games

“We did fundamental testing of the game and put together a list of problematic spots. The overall response to the translation from English-speaking players was very positive. So, well done!”

Eugeny Popov

Founder and CEO

Nocton Hill


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The INLINGO studio has been translating and localizing games since 2012.

Our mission:

To make our clients' games feel "native" for players in any country.



We are constantly growing and always looking for great professionals to add to our team. Even if we don't have the job opening you're looking for posted, just write to us and let us know what you are interested in doing for INLINGO—we'd be more than happy to talk. 

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