Outsourcing in the game industry is the transferring of some tasks in the game development process to other companies. For many years, INLINGO has been engaged in outsourcing services such as localization, art creation, narrative design, and voiceover. We would like to share how the outsourcing process works, what helps our team retain a consistently high level of quality, and why you can trust us with your tasks.

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We translate and adapt projects for new markets. Our team takes all factors into account, helping to retain the style of the text, adapt the humor, and respect the cultural norms of each country. We work with interfaces, dialogue, item descriptions, marketing materials, etc., ensuring the entire gaming process can be enjoyed smoothly. Furthermore, we can provide recommendations for the production and adaptation of your project’s visual elements.

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(localization testing)

We check the quality of your project’s localization to ensure that players aren’t distracted by errors and can simply enjoy your game. We identify bugs that can influence their impression of the game.


The range of services offered by Inlingo studio includes linguistic and cosmetic testing. We help you assess the style, spelling, punctuation, and naturalness of the text, and also ensure that all text in the game fits with the interface. The result of our work is a detailed bug report. On the basis of our report, the developer can quickly introduce corrections to the game.

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Art services

We create characters in 2D and 3D, and provide design of environments, icons, and much more. You can come to us with a fully developed vision of your project, specific references, and strictly limited assignments, or ask us to develop all visual aspects of your game from scratch. If necessary, our team will help you assemble references, compile a style guide, and establish a smooth pipeline for work.

  • UX/UI Design
  • 2D Design
  • 3D Design
  • Game environment design
  • Character design
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Narrative Design

We come up with a narrative for your project, developing an entertaining story that will help your players immerse themselves in a new virtual world. Our team will invent the core lore of your game, create interesting plot lines, or write quests and in-game dialogues. We can undertake work on the whole project or on specific aspects, such as item descriptions.

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Voice over

We will give your characters a voice that accentuates their personality. We work with both adult and child voices. Before selecting voiceover artists, we gather extensive information about the characters, get approval of the script, and compile an estimate. If necessary, we can arrange personal interviews with the actors before production to ensure that the result of dubbing conforms exactly to your vision of the project.

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Why you should choose us

It’s important for us that we and you understand the task at hand. That’s why we carefully study and negotiate project specifications, going over every detail.

We have been working since 2012 and we have localized more than 2,500 games for mobile, PC, and consoles. Our clients include MYTONA, Belka Games, Saber, and Focus Entertainment.

During office hours, we are always available. This applies both to your first contact with us and to any queries you may have during the working process.

We select a team based on the requirements and tasks each client has.

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We’re heading to Reboot Develop Blue 2024 in Dubrovnik

It’s the perfect setting to connect with industry leaders and discuss all things game industry. Whether you’re interested in game localization, art, or just want to chat about the industry, we’d love to meet you.

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Meet us at GDC in San Francisco on March 18–22

It’ll be a great chance to meet up, exchange expertise, and discuss the latest events in the industry. If you have any questions about game localization and art, then you know where to find us! We’d be happy to suggest ideas for your project.

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inlingo at white nights conference 2023

Join us at this year’s WN Conference in Belgrade, Serbia, from December 7th to 9th. Our Project Manager, Anna Maslova, will be on site and ready to discuss localization, art, voiceover, and narrative design.

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Outsourcing in game development is the assignment of some parts of the work on a game to third-party contractors. This allows the developers to concentrate on the key aspects of their game.

Tasks that are regularly outsourced:

  • Creation of art and animation
  • Co-development or creation of a project from scratch
  • Localization
  • Testing
  • Porting to other platforms

Major studios often outsource significant parts of a game, or even the whole project. Smaller studios assign specific tasks. Outsourcing allows you to reduce the costs of creating a game.

Game art is the visual designing of computer and video games. It includes:

  • Concept art: sketches and illustrations to visualize the game world, the characters, and in-game items at early stages of development.
  • 2D art: textures, backgrounds, the game interface, and icons. These are drawn by artists in Photoshop and other programs.
  • 3D art: 3D models of characters and in-game items. Created by 3D artists in Blender and 3ds Max.
  • Animation: animated models and sprites of characters, items, and interfaces.

We calculate the budget based on the specific services, tasks, and features of your project.

Tell us about your task and we will prepare a detailed estimate, as well as helping you compile project specifications.

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