Over the past year, the thing that really brightened up Inlingo and filled us with emotion was the people we interacted withwhether at exhibitions, conferences, forums, or even at our office.

Inlingo’s travels

Our team visited 16 conferences this year, sponsored two of them, and had speakers at three.

Here’s a short list of places we went:

We went to DevGamm twice and to White Nights and Casual Connect three times each, all in different cities.

At each of these events, we met partners, like-minded people, and new friends. 

Inlingo had fun at home, too

In the midst of all this jet-setting, we never forgot that there’s no place like home! And so 2018 was full of corporate events:

Our whole team had a great time hanging out by the Volga

We made some Inlingo nesting dolls for our Chinese partners

We had an unplanned cook-off that surprised everyone

And we celebrated Halloween with a bang

Inlingo’s creative work

As you already know, all we need is a reason to start creating for an unstoppable deluge of ideas to start flowing into our mental space. In 2018, this resulted in merch of all colors of the rainbow that we gave out at exhibitions:

And then came our webinars for developers and publishers, which we held in both Russian and English for the first time ever. The topics were: “How to choose and test a localizer” and “5 steps towards localization“. Feel free to check them out.

But our creativity still hadn’t run out. So after that, in collaboration with gaming journalist Mikhail Pimenov, we published Our Game, a book about the Russian gaming industry. At the time, it was the first book of its kind.

And around the same time, the remnants of our creativity went into the release of our 2 Languages at $0.09 Per Character offer, which turned out to be popular beyond our wildest expectations.

All in all, we can definitely pat ourselves on the back for our accomplishments in 2018. In case there’s any doubt left, here’s some statistics:

  • celebrated 7 years in business;
  • 73 new projects;
  • 22,597,950 words;
  • 16 conferences;
  • 57 new clients;
  • +15 new employees;
  • we now operate in 8 cities worldwide;
  • we finally finished making our Mafia game and gifted it to our subscribers;
  • we made 2 sticker packs: one with our employees, and one with hedgehogs.

The year is over, but it was filled with great experiences and left us feeling wonderful emotions. It was all so great that we just want to relive the whole thing over again. A huge thank you to everyone who was part of our 2018, and we’ll see you in 2019! Happy New Year, friends!

Your INLINGO team