CASE STUDY: World of Submarine

The client is GD Company — a publisher with 11 titles, among which are major strategy projects and casual time-killers. The company’s average rating on various app stores is always higher than 4 stars. The team had a clear request: regular text updates that need translation into European and Asian languages with the goal of breaking into those markets. We have been working together since June 2018. GD Company had been unsatisfied with the quality of translation that our predecessors rendered. That’s where we came in. At first, we worked on small orders up to $50, and starting in August 2018 we began taking on serious titles and major projects. As for the question how they chose us — the co-founder Sergei Dudkin says that he just liked the cost-quality relationship. He likes working with our managers because they’re the best, and he is happy with the highly-rated translated games in the app stores. If you look at the process of localizing World of Submarines from inside, you’ll discover that everything went according to our business process: native speakers proofread the English text, then it was sent to the translators for other language pairs. Plenty of questions arose, but the folks from GD Company answered in a timely fashion. The translators on the team had already worked on Wargaming projects, so there was no issue with the specifics of the terminology and so on. Then after the translation, the text of each language pair was proofread by a native speaker.
In total, there were 8 languages involved: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. They translated around 5000 words for the game.
You can check the quality of the localization yourself. Download the game for Android here

Feedback from GD Company

SERGEI DUDKIN, co-founder of GD Company We liked working with INLINGO, as usual, and we (and our players) were happy with the quality of the translation too. The translators look at the build of the game and ask questions, which produces great results. 
VLADIMIR KORSHUNOV, PM GD Company We were pleased with the attention to detail and responsible attitude of the translators. We could tell that they were trying to ensure they really dug into the meaning of the text, rather than just taking a formal approach to translation.
So that’s the project, everyone. If you’d like for us to share something similar about your project, you know what to do — write to us at , and we’ll lay out all the possibilities in vivid color 😉