Localization Companies 2024: Recommendations and Top Providers

Planning to take your product to international markets? If so, you’ll need top-quality localization services to help you get there.

Localization is about more than just translating text from one language to another. It involves adapting your product to the cultural context of your target language. The quality of your localization will truly determine how naturally your product is accepted by international customers.

Luckily, a professional localization team can help. The key is to choose a qualified partner with relevant experience in your field—an agency that can make your product an international success.

In this article, we’ll reveal the top 12 localization companies on the market. These companies work with a variety of industries, including games, finance, medicine, law, marketing, and more. We’ll also discuss the secrets to choosing the perfect agency for your product to ensure that you get the results you’re looking for.

What are localization and translation agencies, and what do they do?

Localization and translation agencies help companies adapt their products, services, and content to different countries and cultures. This might involve:

  • Translating texts, documents, software, and websites into foreign languages
  • Localizing products: adapting designs, graphics, and audio based on cultural context
  • Localization QA to test the quality of translation
  • Subtitling and dubbing
  • Transcription and live interpretation
  • Consulting on globalization and entering international markets

Depending on their specific niche, some companies may offer other types of localization services in addition to those listed above.

Rules for choosing a localization provider

If you want to find the best agency to localize your product, follow these 5 rules:

1. Choose a company that specializes in your business sector

For example, if you’re planning to localize a video game, it’s best to choose a company with a lot of experience in translating and adapting games for various markets. The thing is, game localization requires a specific set of knowledge and skills.

It’s not enough to simply translate the text into another language. You’ll also need to adapt the graphics, audio, jokes, and cultural reality so that the game is clear, comprehensible, and interesting to players in other countries. That’s why it’s so important to choose a localization company that has experience working with similar games.

The same can be said for other business areas as well. Whether you’re localizing a mobile app, technical documentation, a website, or anything else, make sure to find a company with similar projects in their portfolio. That’s the best way to ensure top-quality results, and a final product that fully meets your business needs.

2. Always read the reviews and recommendations

Positive reviews are a great sign that your partnership will be successful, but you can’t rely on reviews alone. It’s important to find out whether the company’s clients have been truly satisfied with their work, or whether they’re leaving a couple remarks as a formality.

Try to find companies who have long-term partnerships with your chosen localization agency. Ask about their portfolios and look into some of their ongoing projects. If they can provide any concrete results or metrics to prove the agency’s professionalism and expertise, even better.

3. Make sure the company is financially sustainable

Localization is a long process that can often take years. That’s why it’s so important to choose a reliable partner that will see you through to the end of the project without any interruptions.

Financially unsustainable vendors come with a lot of risk. Imagine that you’ve already invested a significant amount of money into translating and adapting your product. Then, suddenly, the agency shuts down. Your project screeches to a stop, and you have to spend time and money searching for new contractors all over again.

To avoid these kinds of predicaments, always make sure your future localization partner is financially stable. Check their financial reports, how long they’ve been in business, and the number of offices and employees they have.

4. Choose an agency in a nearby timezone that understands cultural context

By working with a team of translators in a nearby time zone, you’ll be able to stay in close contact and quickly solve any issues that may arise.

It’s also important for your localization specialists to understand the culture and practices of your target market, so they can better adapt your product. By choosing a contractor with a deep understanding of the region’s characteristics, jokes, and cultural nuances, you can make your content more personal and comprehensible to the local population.

The best option is to choose an agency with offices in both your region and the country where you’re planning to launch your product.

5. Ensure that the company uses modern technology that can easily integrate with your systems

You may think localization and translation are just about working with texts, but in fact, they involve advanced and complex technological processes. That’s why it’s important to choose a company that uses specialized computer programs and tools.

Look out for:

  • A translation project management system

Your chosen company should have its own system for managing translation projects. Using this system, the project manager can set tasks for their translators, share files, and divide texts between contractors. In turn, the translators can view their assigned tasks and deadlines, and the PM can track their progress to see how many words have been translated and whether they’re likely to finish on time.

Most importantly, this system can be used to assess the quality of each translation. Editors and proofreaders will also have access to the files, so they can easily insert their own corrections.

Ideally, the vendor should provide you with access to their project management program, which will allow you to log in at any time and check the project’s progress. This way, you’ll always know where your partners are in the project localization cycle.

  • Compatibility with your systems

It’s best to find a translation company with tools and programs that are already compatible with your systems.

For example, say your company specializes in mobile games and uses a special development environment. It’d be great if your localization partner could connect and work on the texts directly within your own systems.

That way, the translated lines would appear in the game immediately, and you wouldn’t need to waste time transferring files manually.

  • Process automation

Ideally, your chosen company should be well versed in automation tools, such as machine translation technology that can complete the first draft of your translation. After that, a human translator can edit and improve the text. Another handy tool is a translation memory base that stores previously translated segments, which you can use repeatedly instead of having to translate the same phrases over and over again. These tools save time, which saves you money.

The top 12 localization companies

Now, we’ll reveal the top 12 translation companies currently on the market. These companies offer high-quality localization solutions across a range of industries.

1. Inlingo

This company provides outsourcing services for the gaming industry. Over the past 12 years, Inlingo has successfully completed over 2,500 game localization projects for all different genres (RPG, strategy, action, etc.) and sizes (AAA, indie, mobile).

Clients: MYTONA, Belka Games, Crytek, Focus Entertainment, and more.


  • Translation and localization of game texts, interfaces, and dialogue
  • Cultural and linguistic adaptations of texts, graphics, jokes, and cultural features
  • Professional multi-voice game voiceovers
  • Localization QA to detect bugs, translation mistakes, and inconsistencies


  • More than 12 years on the game localization market
  • Over 45 working languages to reach game audiences from around the world
  • A team of 1,300+ specialists across the globe. The agency’s specialists are more than just translators and editors; they’re true gaming enthusiasts
  • An individual approach to each order. They carefully select a team of localization experts based on the specifics of your project
  • Quick feedback. Inlingo’s support team will respond to any query within 30 minutes

2. TranslateMedia (now TOPPAN Digital Language)

TranslateMedia is a specialized supplier of language services and technology. The agency specializes in translations for the financial and judicial spheres, biomedical science, e-commerce, retail, tourism, and technology. TranslateMedia was acquired by Toppan Digital Language in 2022.

Clients: Microsoft, Netflix, Beauty Bay, Speedo, Lacoste, WPP, and more.


  • Translation of websites and internet stores
  • Multi-language copywriting
  • Machine translation and interpreting
  • Multimedia language services


  • 250+ working languages
  • 20 years in the translation industry
  • Technological integration solutions. The company provides technology for integrating CMS with their translation management platform

3. Acclaro

This translation company helps brands enter new markets by adapting projects to the cultural context of each country. Acclaro specializes in technology, media, online business, marketing, and HR.

Clients: Notion, VISA, Verint, Hootsuite, IBM, PandaDoc, etc.


  • Localization of e-commerce and educational content
  • Translation of internal company and HR materials
  • International SEO
  • Machine translation services
  • Video translation
  • Website localization


  • 125+ working languages
  • Over 20 years on the localization market
  • Acclaro provides machine translation with a human touch, saving time on your translations without sacrificing quality

4. e2f 

This company was originally founded as a translation startup in 2004. Over time, however, it has become a major provider of localization solutions across hundreds of international languages, particularly in the fields of HR and e-learning, banking, finance, digital marketing, and tourism.

Clients: Amazon, Nissan, Proton, Calm, Waze, iFIT, Trello, and more.


  • Continuous translation
  • Human translation
  • Machine translation and post editing
  • Specialized localization support


  • 20 years on the localization market
  • Translation and localization into 200+ international languages
  • Integration with translation platforms and clients’ CMS via APIs, connectors, or custom solutions

5. Milengo

This large translation and localization agency works with companies of all sizes, from startups to international corporations. In particular, Milengo specializes in consulting with brands to help them succeed on international markets. Their main spheres include IT, production and engineering technologies, electronics, e-commerce, and marketing.

Clients: Infor, Skillsoft, Qlik, Snowflake, Celonis, and more.


  • Translations from any file format, including audio, video, presentation, technical documentation, and websites
  • Transcreation (content adaptation)
  • Machine translation through AI with human post-editing


  • One of the biggest companies in the industry, with 30+ years on the market
  • 100+ working languages
  • Works with clients of all sizes, from startups to corporations

6. Translated

This company combines machine translation technology and artificial intelligence with human creativity, allowing them to achieve top-quality translations.

Translated boasts a huge network of 260,000 certified, native-speaking translators and copywriters. These professionals also complete special technical training in automated translation tools.

Clients: IBM, Airbnb, United Colors of Benetton, Johnson & Johnson Medical, and more.


  • Mobile app localization
  • Translation for e-commerce and tourism
  • Software localization


  • 200+ working languages
  • 25 years in the industry, with over 1.2 million translations completed for 331,940 clients across 40 fields

7. Language Scientific

This company focuses on translations of medical and technical documentation.

Their translation team is made up of qualified linguists with a scientific and/or medical background (including scientists, doctors, and engineers), giving them an in-depth understanding of their clients’ source materials.


  • Translation of medical documents, research findings, and documentation for medical equipment
  • Technical translations for a variety of industries, including aerospace, energy, construction, and more


  • 25 years in the medical and technical translation industry
  • More than 215 working languages
  • Specialization in complex and niche fields
  • High-qualified linguists who are experts in their translation field

8. Supertext

This creative translation and copywriting company specializes in the localization of marketing materials.

Clients: LinkedIn, EA, Coop, Amag, Evian, Puma, and more.


  • Translation and localization of documents, advertising, websites, videos, films, games, and educational courses
  • Transcreation and adaptation of marketing materials based on cultural context


  • More than 19 years of experience working with 6,000 clients
  • Translations into German, English, French, Italian, and 100 other languages
  • Specialization in marketing and advertising

9. Apostroph Group

This international company offers full cycle localization services. They work with a variety of companies, including small and medium-sized businesses, international corporations, NGOs, and government bodies and authorities.

Their main fields include life sciences, ICT, technology, engineering, and financial services.

Clients: Swisscom, Helvetia, Mecaso, IKEA, Geberit, Atupri, HotellerieSuisse, and more.


  • Written translation and live interpretation, primarily into German, French, Italian, and English
  • Editing, proofreading, subtitling, and copywriting


  • 100+ working languages
  • 30 years of experience with 5,000 satisfied customers
  • A leading localization provider in the German-speaking market


10. Venga Global (Argos Multilingual)

This international translation bureau is known for creating flexible localization programs and assisting clients in developing and enhancing their strategy in international markets.

In 2021, Venga Global was acquired by Argos Multilingual.

Clients: Slack, Looker, Indeed, Pinterest, Workday.


  • Translation of technical and manufacturing documentation
  • Financial translations
  • Translations of HR and corporate communication, helping dispatch corporate messages across state borders
  • Retail and e-commerce translations, adapting content while maintaining the brand’s personal tone of voice


  • 150+ working languages
  • 28 years in the translation industry
  • Strict quality control that ensures error-free translations, particularly in the medical and financial fields

11. RWS

This leading company offers localization services for the pharmaceutical, legal, financial, and manufacturing industries. RWS translates important business materials, such as documentation and websites, and helps protect companies’ intellectual property on international markets.


  • Localization, translation, and transcreation
  • Translations based on next-generation AI
  • Patent translations, applications, and research


  • 64 years on the market: the oldest translation company on this list
  • 260+ working languages
  • Strict adherence to ISO standards

12. Blend 

This localization provider combines technology with cultural expertise to offer AI localization services that help brands enter new markets. The company specializes in e-commerce, education, gaming, medicine, and more.

Blend’s mission is to make your company’s products, services, and content sound natural and culturally competent across international markets.

The company uses an in-house platform, called BLEND Express, to automate processes and ensure high-quality translations.

Clients: Subway, Amazon, iHerb, Xiaomi, Puma, Toyota, and more.


  • Localization of text and multimedia content, including audio, visual, and interactive materials
  • Human and machine translation with the help of AI
  • Integrations for process automation


  • 16 years on the localization market
  • 120+ working languages
  • Personal project managers who oversee every detail, providing quality control and ensuring that the project meets all of your specific requirements

Now that you’ve learned about the top localization companies in the industry, it’s time to choose the best partner for your project.

When choosing a localization company, it’s important to consider the following:

  • The company’s experience in your field
  • Their past projects and client reviews
  • Whether the company is financially stable
  • The localization team’s time zone and understanding of the target culture
  • The technology and programs used within the company’s processes

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