What makes up the price of voiceover service?

Today is Monday, and we have a small piece for you about what makes up the price of voiceover service. By the way, if you haven’t readour piece from October 11 on this topic, we highly recommend doing so, as these two articles together will cover all potential gaps in your knowledge of voiceover by Inlingo. Let’s go!

First, let’s take a look at how everything happens in studios.

First of all, the cost depends on certain conditions:

  1. Number of characters in the gameIt’s pretty clear why: to get an idea of the overall amount of work. Plus, the studio can start to understand what characters will need to be voiced, and then go on to figure out the exact number of actors that will be involved in the process. As we’ve mentioned previously, women’s and children’s voices are assigned to women, while men’s and old men’s voices are given to men.In addition, it is important for the team to understand if voices need to be combined. Why?

    Imagine a task where we have to voice 40 characters who each say 50 words. It’s important to understand whether each voice needs to have a unique sound, or if we can take 10 main characters, give each of them their own voice, and then combine the rest by age, gender, or however. One good actor can speak in 2-3 different tones, that is, up to three different voices. It goes without saying that doing this means you can save a lot of money, especially if you have, say, a lot of heroes, like in Warcraft 3.

  2. Number of words each character saysThis is important in order to understand how many hours of work it will take the dubbing actor to voice the character.
    After this is taken into account, other complicating factors come into play. Each adds a certain amount to the final cost.
  3. Is the timing of each phrase important? In studios, this is always included in the budget.a) no timing, meaning it’s not important;
    b) strict timing. If this is the case, deviation from the original should not be more than 10%;с) lip sync, that is, adjusting the voiceover to the visual range—speech should line up with mouth movements. 
  4. Are special voices needed? Here we’re talking about so-called “voices with an asterisk”.
    — not all actors are equipped to handle things like a troll or fairytale character voice. Which means if you need that kind of voice, you have to find an actor who can do it.
  5. Involving celebrities. If you want your forest spirit to have Konstantin Khabensky’s voice, you need to take into account a lot of other costs, like the rider and getting the actor to you. If this is the case, there’s usually an entire separate budget involved.

Inlingo can easily give you comprehensive information as long as you can fill us in on the first two conditions that we talked about here. Everything else is pretty simple to add in later if the customer wants it and has the budget for it. And it will still end up cheaper than it would be at a studio. Here’s why:

  • At Inlingo, we don’t have a staff of expensive actors who we need to drive around, cater to, or pay, so our prices remain much lower without loss of quality;
  • We don’t need to spend money on rent or maintain a non-stop studio cycle to beat the cost of idle equipment.

So, contact us at . We’ll make sure that your characters come alive with their own voices, and it won’t even break the bank.