What should a voiceover script contain?

We already detailed the voiceover process in an earlier post, so now let’s talk about a more specific part of it: the voiceover script. The script is, to use a localization term, a LocKit for voiceover. Generally, it’s an excel spreadsheet filled with well-structured information for the voice actors. It’s a little bit different from the traditional idea of a dialogue script that you might use for a play or a movie, however. Here are 5 important criteria of a good voiceover script.

What should your script contain?

  • Structure. 1 tab for each character and 1 line for each separate audio file.
  • Content. The file should contain all lines that need to be voiced, that is, all the necessary text without anything extra.
  • Сonsistency. Each line of the script should have the correct audio file name next to it— these are usually decided by the customer. It’s important to keep track of them so that files don’t get mixed up, especially if it’s a big project.
  • Intonation. It’s important to include a description of each line’s intonation, for example, “spoken with relief” or “in an excited voice”. This helps get the correct emotions across as accurately as possible, avoiding having to re-record or edit in the future.
  • Timing. This should also be indicated separately for each line so that the actors can take time limits into account during the recording process.
What not to do.
And that’s it. Now you know what a voiceover script is and what goes into it. Want us to handle the voiceover for your game? Write to us at .