INLINGO TOOLBOX: the programs we work with


Our main translation tool. 99% of all INLINGO projects get translated in this program, and glossaries and translation memories are all created in here, too. It also calculates statistics for clients and translators. SmartCAT, Crowdin, Memsource and other similar programs are all designed for the same purpose as MemoQ. We use them only if a client specifically requests it.


This is a project management program. It’s where we keep track of all the work done for clients, work done by translators and other team members, and financial responsibilities attached to these jobs: how much the clients owe us and how much we owe the people who worked on the projects. Plus, you can calculate a lot of interesting statistics based on the data in QuaHill: average client bill, order frequency, project marginality, top 10 clients or workers, and much more.


A multifunctional tool that, in the hands of someone with a mastery of macros, transforms into a super-powerful machine that can deal with all sorts of different tasks. You can do literally anything with macros: reformat a file to make it easier to load into MemoQ, set up mass mailings (including invoices for all workers at the end of the month), auto-check string lengths, tag integrity, etc., And, of course, make beautifully-formatted estimates for clients 🙂

Google Docs

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Google Docs is great for when multiple people are working on one document at the same time. For example, we keep our vacation schedule in a Google Doc, as well as tentative versions of work instructions, so that everyone can add their comments and edits. We also make Q&A files here for when we need to clarify project-related questions with clients.

TeamWeek and TeamUp

We use these to keep track of the workloads of our on-staff translators and editors. This is so that the managers can clearly see who’s away on vacation, who has tons of work on their plate already, who is observing Eid al-Adha, and who’s open for business.


A bug-tracking system that we use to create bug reports and take orders from several clients. Okay, so now let’s put all these tools to use on your project! Write to us at , and we’ll write back to you within 30 minutes 🙂 Can’t wait to hear from you!