Our Trip to the Crypto Games Conference 2019

We used to go to a lot of conferences, and so we decided to take a moment to share some stories of how the conference went, what happened over there, and what we learned from it all. In April, our company became one of the sponsors of the Crypto Games Conference, where we met new friends and saw old ones, and got more experience talking to lots of people at our stand. Lots and lots.
Stepan in front of the stand where our logo is hidden. Look if you can find it! (not Stepan, the logo!)

Why we went to the conference

More than anything, we wanted to get deeper into the world of crypto games, and also to find out what exactly it is—gambling, the world of casinos—and also to meet the developers of those games. To understand the goals and mechanics of these projects in order to really get a grip on the topic, because we haven’t done much work on crypto games, but know that we’ve got to start.  

And we started to prepare for the conference

Such a conference by its nature is attended by people who take risks, and so we, too, came not empty-handed, but full of ideas. Why not hold a contest at CGC? We based it on a business card lottery. Everyone who dropped a card in the drum was automatically entered for the chance to win discounted localization. The excitement of winning, a lottery drum, a nice sticker, and voila!
People were happy to toss a business card in—everyone wanted to participate. Toward the end of the second day, we counted more than 100 cards
And, of course, we brought a ton of merch with us. We prepared in advance and stocked up on massive amounts so we’ll be ready for every conference—now we don’t need to order it before each trip, which saves us time, money and effort. Profit! At the conference we tested a new segmented handout format: each one was oriented toward a different service we offer: localization, voiceover, or video production. As a result, people took our booklets more readily, because they knew they were getting what they were interested, without unnecessary information.
Merch and handouts, the design of which was a hit
The organizers of the Crypto Games Conference prepped our stand, which we’re truly thankful for: we didn’t have to lug it in and set it up. We arrived with our space ready for us. We made a model and sent it to the organizers. That’s it. We specifically want to thank Eugene Lavrinenko for helping us prepare.
On the left is Eugene Lavrinenko—the man without whom stand setup would have taken forever

What was waiting for us at the conference

The conference lasted two days and in that time, we talked to numerous developers to dig deeper into the specifics of crypto games. In particular, that all crypto games are based on gambling and trading cryptocurrencies. We talked to the creators of the crypto game To The Moon. This game is a sort of cryptocurrency exchange with a gambling mechanic and its own currency. The players are “racers,” whose goal is to get the maximum ROI with their portfolio. So they might have 5 hours to make trades and see who can get the most cryptocurrency. The bigger your profit, the further your ship goes. During the race, you can collect bonuses too, adding variety and an element of unpredictability to the gameplay.
All the trades in the game are made in bitcoin and the in-game currency–TRX
Tournament table. Winner takes all
We were at this conference last year too, and based on the change in the audience size and quality, the crypto industry is going through a real growth spurt. The conference was so intense that we were too busy to get to everything we had planned to see. We hope that next time, we will manage not only to work our stand, but also attend talks and panel discussions. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention the awesome CGC parties! Our best tip is that you should always go to those.  
A fiery Belarusian afterparty

Our impressions from the conference

Stepan Dubovoi, marketing specialist: If you are at all connected to the world of cryptocurrency, this conference is a must for you. The game-coating covers serious blockchain projects. In spite of the large scale of the event, the whole thing manages to put you at ease. The audience is open to all kinds of engagement. The industry is on the rise, and merits your attention.
Danil Gunyakov, sales manager: There were really good folk at the conference. People who’ve been in the business for a long time—some can solve a bunch of problems at once, and some are offering cool products. New acquaintances, old friends and potential business relationships—we found all this and more us at the conference. And the top-notch merchandise design and cool stand certainly contributed to high activity. I even worked 10 minutes as an interpreter for one company. I met Jessica Walker, a reporter from a blockchain TV channel. She wanted to interview our neighbors, who had designed a cryptocurrency board game, but no one there knew English, so I offered to help. So with my help, they were able to book two interviews about blockchain and promised to treat me at the party and sign up for English courses after the conference!

In conclusion, we want to thank the organizers of the Crypto Games Conference again for the excellent event and for their help with our stand. It was awesome, guys! This was our first article in this format, so share your opinions. Did you like it? Or find it totally useless? Tell us! It’s social media, after all! We certainly liked it.