What you will do:

  • Manage the entire creative cycle of making art for the projects of our clients
  • Assemble a project team of 2D and 3D artists and organize their work by assigning tasks and making sure that the Technical Specifications and deadlines have been correctly understood, etc.
  • Coordinate the deadlines and quality of tasks together with the Art Director
  • Assess the timescale and budget of the project
  • Create quotes before starting work and final bills upon completion
  • Interact with the client throughout the project, informing them of its progress, clarifying the necessary information and conveying what the team requires, as well as getting the client’s requirements to the team.

Required experience and skills:

  • English language — Upper Intermediate or higher.
  • Work experience as a 2D or 3D artist. This will help you set clearer Technical Specifications, sign off the completed art, describe the process to the client and have an overall understanding of the artist’s side of working on the client’s project.
  • An understanding of the structure of 2D and 3D art creation processes, the stages involved (sketching, modelling, texturing, light, color, rendering, etc.) and required time.
  • It would be great if you also had work experience with outsourcing companies. It will be easier for you to understand the work that awaits you.

You must be:

  • Systematic. You must think clearly, so you know how to structure everything and understand the connections between cause and effect. That will allow you to correctly estimate timescales and budgets, as well as explaining the task at hand to all parties involved the process in a way which gets the best results.
  • Quick-thinking. You must not get put out by an unusual or urgent task, quickly assessing the situation and suggesting a variety of solutions while taking all the details of the project into account, such as its budget, deadlines and other features.
  • Creative. You must love and have a great knowledge of art and games, so you can understand whether the solution offered by an artist is suitable for the task set and whether the client’s Technical Specifications are correct.
  • Sensitive and responsive. You must understand the issues faced by the client, the artists and the art director and find elegant solutions for them without affecting anyone negatively.

Working conditions:

  • A full working day
  • A probation period of up to 3 months, which may be reduced once we reach an understanding that we work well together
  • Salaries are discussed personally with every candidate and increase depending on their level of proficiency
  • Internal corporate project management and client interaction training

What happens after you receive a reply:

A call or letter from our HR Department → A test task → An interview with the Art Director → Employment

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