Translator Internship at Inlingo

Get from one to three months of experience being an intern in the game localization studio! Take the opportunity to get a job in our team.

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We’re now looking for interns in the following language pairs:

From English to:

German/ French/ Japanese/ Dutch

From Chinese to:


From Russian to:


NB! Only for native speakers of the target language

How do you benefit from internship at Inlingo?

Get experience in game translation

Improve your translation skills with constant feedback from an experienced editor

Upgrade your soft-skills by working with a team of professionals

Get a chance to become our full-time freelance translator

Who is our ideal intern?

Student or a recent graduate with specialty in translation, or translator willing to switch to game localization

Has an impeccable knowledge of their native language

Proficient in written and spoken English

Has basic experience in working with CAT-tools

Willing to grow in the translation and game industries

Fast-learning, responsible and curious

What does the internship process look like?



Filling out the application form, completing a test task. In case of a successful test task — getting an online interview and signing an agreement.



Interns work on our projects under thorough control from the experienced editors and project managers. You translate, edit, and create glossaries. If you feel like learning more we provide you with learning materials and instructions.

The most important part of the internship is the thorough weekly feedback from your mentor which helps you learn and improve with every project you complete.


Certificate and a job offer to the best interns

After 3 months every intern gets a certificate of completion.

The best interns will be offered to become our regular translators. The terms, rates and types of projects will be discussed individually according to your skills and preferences.

What will happen after the internship?

Certificate of Completion

Congratulations on successfully completed a game localization internship at INLINGO from May 17M to June 17 2021

CEO, Inlingo
Pavel Tokarev

We will give you a certificate of completion and a recommendation letter in which we will highlight your strengths. The best interns will get a job offer from Inlingo.

Here’s what our interns say about us


During my internship, I enjoyed working with several nice PMs that helped me to get in the translation mood right away. They showed me how a localization studio works with real translation projects from the very beginning. I personally found challenging some of the projects in which I didn’t have all the context and had to improvise and let my creativity fly. That’s the thing I like the most.


If you wish to get in the video game industry as a translator, Inlingo’s internship program is a great point of entry into localization! These professionals will help you as a student, by giving you feedback and advise you on how to improve, and trust you as a translator, by asking your help for actual, large-scale, projects.


There is no better way to learn than to translate actual projects, and Inlingo taught me that. I got trained through translations of actual text, interacted with an actual project manager, and made actual mistakes. I got precise, clear explanations of what was wrong, of how to improve and become an actual professional translator.


Through this internship, I could improve my overall ability of video game localization. The most helpful thing was comments from a reviewer. All the editors and PMs are so friendly that you can ask whatever you want to know. If you are still on the fence about joining this program, just participate in it!

Waiting for you to join our internship!

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