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INLINGO is a game outsourcing studio. We help developers and publishers make their games accessible to the whole world with one of our core services—localization.

Localization of video games is more than just translation of the words. It is the comprehensive adaptation of the game to the cultural characteristics of a country. Specifically, this concerns the plot, the gameplay, the interface—everything that makes your product as understandable and relatable to the player as possible.

We localize games for any platform—PC, consoles, or mobile devices. We work with popular game engines and different localization formats.

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    The advantages of working with Inlingo


    Our experience speaks for itself:

    • More than 10 years of experience in videogame localization. We understand the nuances and intricacies of the market, as well as the cultural sensitivities of each country.
    • More than 2,500 successful projects. From indie games to major AAA titles, we know the right approach for every project.
    • Experience with major studios.Our portfolio includes projects with leading companies in the game development industry: MYTONA, Belka Games, Crytek, Saber, Focus Entertainment, etc.
    • Team of 1,300+ specialists all over the world.Not just translators, editors, and other language professionals, but real gaming fans and enthusiasts.
    • Multi-level checking.Each project passes through several stages of proofreading and testing to ensure that each video game comes out free of bugs and errors.
    • Confidentiality.We value and protect the intellectual property of our clients. We guarantee that your ideas won’t find their way to other agencies or any third parties.

    Below, you will find the localization formats that you can select for your project:


    This involves adapting elements of the physical packaging or elements of your online presentation.
    If your video game is coming out for PS5, we will translate and adapt the text on the packaging, consulting with you to create the best presentation solution. If your game is distributed on Steam, we will localize the description, screenshots, and all additional materials.


    This is the translation of all elements of the video game interface and controls.
    Settings menu, achievements list, buttons—this will all be adapted for the target audience. If the characters talk in English, the player will still be able to understand how to change and save graphics settings thanks to the translated interface.


    This involves providing translations of the entire plot and all in-game text.
    Dialogues between characters, notes, letters, quest logs, etc.—this will all be translated while retaining the atmosphere of the original. Gamers will be able to immerse themselves in the plot while reading subtitles in their native language.


    This comprises the translation and professional dubbing of all voice parts in the game.
    For example, the main character turns to their companion and says, “We need to go!”, and the player hears the phrase in their own language.


    This is the adaptation of the graphic elements of a game that include text.
    For example, the main character is sitting in a bar with posters in English on the walls. We translate the text on the posters in a way that is understandable to the player, but also fits seamlessly into the design of the game.

    The cost depends on several factors:

    • The volume of the translation: the number of words
    • The number of localisation languages
    • The deadlines for the project
    • Any additional services: voiceover, testing

    The exact price will be calculated by our manager based on your budget, the style of localization, the setup you prefer, and your specific requirements. Deadlines are also individually negotiated for each project.
    Submit a request for game localization services to INLINGO and win the hearts and minds of gamers all over the world.



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