Localization Quality Assurance

Planning to release your game internationally? Check the quality of your project’s localization and culturalization with LQA.

Even minor errors and inaccuracies can ruin the first impressions of your potential foreign players. To avoid this, trust the localization quality assurance specialists at INLINGO Gamedev Outsourcing Studio.

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    The advantages of working with Inlingo


    Language quality assurance or LQA is the comprehensive testing of a completed translation. The purpose is to find and eliminate all possible errors and inaccuracies in the game, ensuring quality control over the whole project.

    We provide LQA services in two stages:

    • Language testing. We check the translation for semantic, stylistic, and factual errors. We assess how natural the text sounds and how well it conforms to the realities of the game.
    • Cosmetic testing. We assess how organically the text is integrated into the video game’s graphics. We check the placement of text, the font, and whether or not everything is correctly displayed in the interface.

    Cooking Diary

    • We ensured the setup of an effective testing process with minimal delays—no more than 30 minutes between receiving tasks and producing results.
    • In two years, we performed 8,606 LQA tasks on the localization, providing a complete outsourcing solution for the client in this field.
    • We improved texts and plot before release, identifying logical inconsistencies and linguistic errors, and culturally adapting content.
    • We continuously supported the project. Thanks to our in-house specialists and the best freelance linguists, we were able to perform LQA without interrupting deadlines or sacrificing quality.
    • We have provided uninterrupted support thanks to our in-house staff and the best freelance native-speaker translators.

    Seekers Notes and Ravenhill

    • We translated more than two million words for these projects. On average, 849 tasks per month.
    • We established a seamless workflow on the projects. Throughout the working process, our translators, editors, and the client were constantly consulting with each other to achieve the best results.
    • We created a team of 15 experts. This included editors, translators, and project managers who know and love the hidden object genre.
    • We tested the localization post-release. We didn’t just perform LQA according to the project specifications. Our specialists also provided detailed feedback on the cultural nuances in the text.

    Shadow Fight 3

    • We localized this project from English into 14 different languages. We paid particular attention to the dialogue.
    • We translated 50,000 words, divided into seven plot chapters.
    • We regularly localize updates and provide LQA for them. We have been managing the project since 2017.


    • We localized more than 400,000 words into Polish. We translated the first 150,000 words in only two months.
    • We individually localized the names of characters into Polish without sacrificing context.
    • We were able to meet deadlines thanks to careful project management on two platforms: Crowdin for the Russian source and memoQ for the English source.
    • We performed QA testing on 30+ hours of gameplay to ensure that the recipes in the game conform to what people actually call them in the target country.

    Naruto Online and Fairy Tail

    • We translated 280,000 characters from Chinese to Russian for Naruto Online.
    • We translated 100,000 words from English to Russian for Fairy Tail.
      We completely translated all in-game texts, as well as marketing materials and updates.
    • We chose translators and editors who were familiar with Naruto and Fairy Tail. They knew the stories and characters from the anime.

    If you are planning to introduce your project to the global gaming community, LQA should not be neglected. Otherwise, you run the risk of encountering negative reactions from players post-release. They will quickly notice inadequacies in the localization, lower the rating of the game, and this will affect the rate of downloads in stores.

    For a solution to situations like this, entrust the final testing of your translation to INLINGO.



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