We are excited to share the highlights of our recent expedition to the ChinaJoy 2023 gaming conference. ChinaJoy, the largest digital entertainment expo in Asia, brought together gaming enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders from around the globe.

Our trip was a seamless blend of business endeavors and memorable experiences. Our CEO Pavel Tokarev, along with our dedicated business development team, delved into a whirlwind of meetings, negotiations, and collaborations.

These events have played a huge part in forging new partnerships and strengthening existing relationships of ours—from indie developers to industry giants, we had the pleasure of connecting with a diverse range of professionals who share our passion for gaming.

To sum it up, our trip to ChinaJoy 2023 was an amazing adventure filled with business opportunities, personal growth, and a profound appreciation for the gaming community along with magnificent views of Shanghai.

Other news

We’re excited to announce our attendance at the Tokyo Game Show 2023!

Gamescom 2023 was a blast!

Our CEO Pavel Tokarev & BD Manager Hugo Freitas were glad to meet old friends and partners of our studio as well as discuss new opportunities with devs and publishers.

A huge thanks to the organizers of the event for such a fantastic atmosphere!