If localization is an investment in your success, then testing is your insurance – against typos, grammatical errors, and contextual and cosmetic imperfections. It can protect you against negative reviews and low retention.

LQA is as crucial a part of the localization process as translation. We take a close look at the game from the player's perspective and make sure we've nailed the context and stayed within all applicable limits.
Games are tested by both native-speaking testers and ordinary players
We find and identify localization, cosmetic, and technical issues
Your game can be tested on multiple devices
We can use cheats to speed up game progress or play through in real time as an ordinary player
We create a report on issues found in the format most convenient for you
We make all necessary changes to the in-game text
We verify that any issues previously found have been fixed in later rounds of testing
Hours of testing
Bugs found
Out of 10 clients order LQA after localization
Shadow Fight 3
  • Developer: Banzai
  • Publisher: Nekki
  • Number of words: 35,000
  • Number of languages: 1

Dozens of different types of blades, traditional Eastern weapons, various communication styles and character traits—all this required deep and careful analysis. We paid special attention to the dialogues, as the plot and interaction between the characters play an important role in the game.
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
  • Developer: Bluehole Studio, PUBG Corporation
  • Publisher: PUBG Corporation
  • Number of words: 40,000
  • Number of languages:

One of our most popular projects turned out to be one of the most complex: because of the huge number of tags, the developers "glued together" text from fragments, which added to the translators' headaches and called for them to work even harder than usual.
War Robots
  • Developer: Pixonic
  • Publisher: Pixonic
  • Number of words: 250,000
  • Number of languages: 21

This project was localized into 21 languages, with constant tight deadlines and translation of marketing texts, which made War Robots one of our most work-intensive projects. From 5000 to 10,000 words a day—awesome. But we put our noses to the grindstone and did high-quality work that left the client extremely satisfied.
The Wild Eight
  • Developer: HypeTrain Digital
  • Publisher: HypeTrain Digital
  • Number of words: >100,000
  • Number of languages: 10

Our translators liked this game a lot: it contains a lot of Easter eggs and pop culture references. We had an interesting challenge to tackle here: adapting Western pop culture references for an Asian audience. And, going by the store reviews, it came out great.
Deep Rock Galactic
  • Developer: Ghost Ship Games
  • Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing
  • Number of words: 15,000
  • Number of languages: 6

This was a notable project due to the fact that it was translated by the players themselves (under our watchful eye). We re-wrote some things, and just edited others. During the localization process, we worked closely with fan translators, corrected the game text, and came up with fitting names together.
  • Developer: Nearga
  • Publisher: HypeTrain Digital
  • Number of words: 102,000
  • Number of languages: 10

The most intriguing part of this project was working on the monster names. Some seemed like they had just been pulled out of nowhere, and some were tied to the characteristics of the monster itself. Together with the client, we built complex theories and hypotheses about the names that really amused the developers!
We did fundamental testing of the game and put together a list of problematic spots. The overall response to the translation from English-speaking players was very positive. So, well done!
MessGames, Nocton Hill developers
Number of words: 23 000
Play test: 16h
INLINGO are a real pleasure to work with.They are fast and their service is easy to use. We found one minor glitch in the translation into English, but that was largely because the translator couldn't see the project and was unaware of the context.
Number of words: 5 000
Play test: 2h
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