Localization Project Manager In the Samara office
Hi! My name is Natalia Potekhina. I'm the head of production here at INLINGO. We do localization, voiceover, and testing for games — and our goal is for players not to know they're looking at a translation, but to be so immersed in the game that they think it was originally written in their language.

Right now, I'm looking for someone to add to my department who will lead localization projects and communicate with clients and contractors.

Above all, I need someone who will complete projects on time in accordance with the client's wishes and wow them with super service.
What you'll do:
  • Assess projects' budget and timeline
  • Draw up cost sheets before work starts and close accounts when it's over
  • Assemble a team of translators and editors for projects
  • Supervise your team's work: for deadlines and quality
  • Be in contact with clients (sometimes outside of office hours)
  • Be the go-between for clients and our team: ask questions, relay answers, request additional information.
What skills and experience you'll need:
You must know English at least at an Upper-Intermediate level because we have many international projects, where communication will be largely in English.

It's great if you know what's going on in the gaming industry: as a player or otherwise. Then it will be easier for you to grasp the specifics of our work.

1-3 years of project management experience is preferred, but I'm willing to consider candidates without it.

Higher education relative to translation, linguistics, or management is a plus.
What qualities you'll need:
  • Attention to detail. When working with texts, it's important not to miss and small errors, so you'll need to check translations before returning them to clients.
  • Systematic thinking. Being able to structure ideas and understand cause-and-effect relationships will allow you to properly evaluate deadlines and budgets without getting confused while working on multiple projects.
  • Inventive. When unusual or urgent issues arise, you can't stand by, but quickly assess the situation and supply potential solutions. All the while, you should recall the nuances of the project like the budget and timeline.
  • Responsive and receptive. You need to understand clients' problems, the translators' problems, the editors' problems, and resolve them tactfully.
  • Patient and persistent. Things don't always happen right away, but it's important not to give up and to look for solutions.
Work conditions:
  • First, you'll have a 3 month training period, but it can be made shorter if we see that you're working in full
  • Full-time work, but you can pick hours that match up with your clients'
  • Payment will be discussed with each candidate individually and grows with a professional level
  • At the end of the month, we offer generous bonuses for exceptional work
  • Work laptop if needed
  • Opportunity for paid travel to international gaming expos, in London or Shanghai for instance
  • In-company education: English, project management, negotiation with clients
  • Compensated premium X-Fit
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What's next:
Call or message from our HR manager Lyubov → a test assignment → an interview with me, Natasha, in person or on Skype → training period → acceptance