4 Life Hacks to Help You Stand Out at a Conference

Today, we’ve decided to share some of our personal experience with going to conferences (not just gaming ones) and some not-so-obvious tips that can help you prepare for an event. Stepan Dubovoi is at the microphone—he’s the man without whom INLINGO wouldn’t be able to organize a single event. Hello everyone! I’m the one who makes it all possible so that our presence at conferences will be fruitful and memorable. There are few main formats for a presence at an event: visitor, exhibitor, speaker, sponsor, or some mix of those things. 99% of the time, regardless of the format, a company’s goal is the same: to show off, attract clients, and make new contacts. There’s a lot to say about preparation, because that’s when the bulk of the processes related to Internet marketing take place, making merch, designing the stand, prepping people, using the meeting system properly, stand activity, transfers, and much more. It would take hours to describe all the details, so instead I’m going to highlight the most interesting, non-obvious, in my opinion, points.

1. Prepare for meetings in advance

  Almost every event uses a meeting system, which you can sign up for before the event to learn more about the participants. When you fill out your profile and your company’s profile, make sure that when someone looks at your profile, they instantly know what you do. Describe your interests at the event, and use hashtags to mark the services you provide. Most participants don’t do that, even though it’s extra PR for you and your company. Set up meetings and study your potential clients. When you meet them in person, it will really help you, because you’ll already know almost everything you need to have a successful dialog. That way, you’ll save time at meetings and increase your productivity at the expo.

2. Make personalized badges

Badges are an additional tool where you can put everything you think people need to know. Your services, logos, contest information, invitations to ask you about something, etc. It’s a classic situation: you come to a pre-party and people don’t have badges. You put on yours, and voila! Suddenly everyone knows your name and what they could talk to you about. That way you’ll get a head start on networking. And at the event itself, you’ll stand out from the other participants with standard-issue badges from the organizer. A little more attention never hurts.

3. Talk with the speakers

Let’s say you go to a talk. Don’t be afraid to ask the speaker questions. First, introduce yourself and say a little bit about your company. Just imagine, the whole room just found out what you do. There are sure to be some people there who will be interested in your services. The key is to do keep the description short, sweet, and to the point.

4. Brand employee clothes

Make company clothes for your team: T-shirts, sweatshirts, and so on. Extra advertising space is always good, and it will be easier to find your people. Add a call to action to the logo, something like “Ask me all about advertising”. Suppose someone has heard of your company somewhere, seen the logo, but then forgotten about it for some reason. This will remind him of you. So, those are my tips. Don’t forget that you can always write to us on social media if you decide you want to meet with us at an event and/or discuss localization. Oh, and our email address for orders is: . As always, we reply within 30 minutes.